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Are Bondsmen Useful to Society?

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Bondsmen and Society

Bail Bondsmen can be of use to the accused by having them prosecuted without arrest. So what does society gain from this situation, are Bondsmen useful to society? In this short article, you can gain a different perspective on this topic.

“Are Bondsmen useful to society,” one might ask. A bail bondsman agrees to pay an amount of a bond of an offender for a fee, between 10% and 15%. For larger bonds, a bondsman might take a mortgage on a homeowner’s house to ensure the payment of a bond. When a bondsman enters into such an agreement, they also consent to ensure that the defendant or offender is present in court on their assigned date.

To guarantee the appearance of their offenders, a bondsman will use almost any means necessary. The preferred method of bondmen involves enlisting the expertise of bounty hunters to track down the offenders and bring them to court. Moreover, if a defendant jumps bail, or fails to show up in court, these bounty hunters find the offenders and re-arrest them, bringing them to justice.

How Bondsmen Useful to Society?

Bondsmen exist to pay bonds, obviously, but moreover, their services ensure the safety of citizens and society. Bail bondsmen, as confirmed by a number of studies, more effectively bring criminals and offenders to justice than public methods or release on their own recognizance. Bail bondsmen offer decreased failure to appear rates compared to those released on their own recognizance. Because bondsmen have a financial contract or obligation, their main goal is to guarantee that offenders are brought to court.

In contrast, when defendants are released on their own recognizance, it is the duty of police officers to guarantee the appearance of such offenders in court. Unfortunately, police officers have many concerns in their bureaus, and often the re-arrest of a perpetrator might be overlooked. This is why the services offered by bondsmen are so important to society. By bringing defendants and offenders to justice in court, bail bondsmen and bounty hunters safeguard the interests of society as a whole.

Often times articles are written about how a Bondsman is responsible and how it’s the Bondsmen’s fault that the defendant committed additional crimes while on bail. Actually, studies show that people on bail are much less likely to commit crimes while on bail than when released on their own recognizance. Bail bondsmen more effectively serve the community because of their over 50% reduction in failures to appear over those released on their own recognizance.

Moreover, bail bondsmen save time and money for police precincts and communities. They decrease the amount that would need to be spent on the re-arrest and court costs imposed by an offender who has jumped bail.

Bondsmen, therefore, exist to bring criminals and defendants to court, protecting the interests and safety of society. Without the efficiency displayed by bail bondsmen, certainly more criminals would be roaming the streets. Bail bondsmen ensure that a defendant will be present in court, and if that defendant fails to show, the bounty hunters employed by these bondsmen will find the bail jumpers, re-arrest them, and bring them to court promptly.


Are Bondsmen Useful to Society?